Endocrine diseases

When calculating “CURADOR” formula consisting of 100% of plant origin products, the subtleties and features of the female body were taken into account. It is an excellent means for successful prevention and subsequent elimination of female endocrine diseases.

“CURADOR” is an effective and absolutely safe means for pain during menstrual cycles and various inflammations. It can be used for infertility as it helps to become pregnant and:

  • Prevent mammary glands oncology.
  • Prevent mammary glands oncology.
  • Increase nursing mothers’ milk production stimulating prolactin.
  • Stabilize and stimulate pancreas.

“CURADOR” is a carrier of the following phytohormones:

  • phytoestrogens;
  • antiandrogens;
  • corticosteroids;
  • progesterone.

It is phytohormones that successfully cope with female “mean” diseases. Moreover, phytoestrogens and phytoandrogens, which are one of the constituents of “CURADOR” formula, are excellent antioxidants.

The content of diosgenin in “CURADOR”, which works in the body as an estrogen, helps it to be at a level above other herbal preparations. Lowering testosterone levels and replenishing the lack of estrogens in the female body is one of the main properties of the medicine.

“CURADOR” has the following preventive and curative properties:

  • Total anti-inflammatory effect.
  • General stimulation of contraction of the uterus muscular system, which gives rise to more sensory sensations during sexual intercourse.
  • It cures painful symptoms during menstrual cycles and menopause.
  • The mild antibiotic properties of “OMARIDIN™” medicine which is part of “CURADOR” formula are the key to maintaining a proper level of essential aminoacids in the blood plasma and the synthesis of the own protein by the human body, which is essential for the protection of the immune system of the human body, significantly helping the activity of proteolytic enzymes in the stomach and pancreas, which, using the feedback concept, reduce cholesterol levels in blood.

Glycyrrhizic acid, which is also one of the components of the medicine formula, is similar to the work of the cortisol hormone which:

  • Protects from stress, helps to cope with the emotional stress of the nervous system.

And since women, in their physiology, are emotional and sensitive, this product is especially relevant to them. “CURADOR” will help the body to correct its response to this or that hazard and will protect against the negative effects of neuroemotional stress.

Each of women, having undergone a course of therapy with “CURADOR” becomes slimmer and more beautiful.

Warning note

• The duration of the medicine intake should not exceed forty days
• “CURADOR” is not recommended for pregnant women.


€150.00 / 1 pack.

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