Гриб сапрофит

Sapphire class mushroom product Endomyces Omaricum

Before you decide to buy the drug “OMARIDIN™” you need to carefully read its advantages over other proteins, which are expressed in the following indicators:

  • milk proteins, having passed the preliminary technological fermentation with a saprophyte fungus of the class “Endomyces Omaricum”, are absorbed by the body by 100%; this is a guarantee of maintenance of the optimum level of the content of essential amino acids in the blood plasma and the synthesis of the own protein by the human body, which is essential for the protective function of the immune A system of human organism, which leads to significant relief of the activity of proteolytic enzymes of the stomach and pancreas, which operate on the basis of feedback;
  • the feature of the seedlings based on the sapwood of the class “Endomyces Omaricum” is that mushrooms are evolutionarily closer to man than bacteria. For their properties there is no synthesis of harmful non-typical amino acids and non-edible fats, as is the case with bacterial starter cultures;
  • the technology of manufacturing the protein preparation “OMARIDIN™” does not distort the amino acid composition of the ideal milk protein, as a result of which the protein and its components – amino acids that are not digested, cease to be a nutrient medium for rot and other bacterial intestinal microflora;
  • As a result of the technological process, the Saprophytic mushroom of the class “Endomyces Omaricum” destroys harmful to the human organism of the ingredient of cow’s milk; Alpha-lactose, the “culprit” of the non-acceptance of dairy products by children and adults as a result of lactose intolerance, while lactic acid and carbon dioxide have bactericidal properties that inhibit the excessive development of bacteria in the intestine, which entails a reduction in the likelihood of pathogenic forms of bacteria, Hence, dyspeptic phenomena;
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