Inside of the shining "medicine" wrappers

                   “The Universe is ruled by the beings
who can force one half of the mankind
to produce shit making the other half to eat it”.
Khristian Rakovskiy

Here I intend to share the information about the immune deficiency and its acquisition syndrome with the reader: what influences what and how my medicine “OMARIDIN™“ contributes to the restoration of the immune system.

It is a well-known fact that each medicinal product manufactured in any country of MІPA, has both indications for the “treatment” of some symptom of the physiological dysfunction of the body, and contraindications for its use.

The first thing coming to my mind is Chloraseptic. It seems being a cure for sore throat, produced in a large range of commodity forms, with different flavor additives. While it is actively recommended for use by children, it turns out to be not at all what is being presented as a medicine. Therefore, according to the information, = 1.5% is the active component of “Chloraseptic”. For the consumer, it does not mean much, but according to injections of phenol and cyanide were used as a means of individual execution by the Nazis during the second world war.

Next, if I may say “medicine”, there is synthetic Vikasol, which slowly but surely destroys the liver, depriving it of its functions of cleaning the body of poisons.

Chronic anemia, a low level of hemoglobin in the blood, red blood cell deficiency, is treated with Vikasol, with iron salts in it.

The science knows about the indigestion of iron salts by the body. The science is also aware that iron introduced into the body is a poison at the cellular level. The iron ingested cannot be derived from the organism using conventional methods, meaning liver and kidneys. The body activates the immune system, therefore the iron molecules begin to be absorbed by phagocytic white blood cells depositing in them.

Conclusion: while taking medicine containing iron salts for some time, white blood cells “overloading” with it (iron), losing their immune function, will be deposited in the connective tissue of the body. This state of immunodeficiency is called «Hemochromatosis»:

  • Therefore: acquired immunodeficiency, that is, AIDS, is added to progressive chronic anemia.
  • Therefore: During anal sex, sperm getting into the rectum, literally makes the immune system “crazy”.
  • Therefore: Different types of food, narcotic substances. We can go on and on.

Conclusion: acquired immunodeficiency, that is, AIDS, is not a virus, but a way of life of each individual, due to the “modernization” of MIPA. This is not inherited as a virus, but it is an immunodeficiency! Therefore, the lifestyle of a father and a mother before conceiving a child influences their offspring!

To all this, we should add prednisolone hormones, “medicine”, which are attributed to absolutely all diseases; from brain to skin diseases. Hormones themselves do not cure anything, they only cause a certain hormonal response – the “explosion” of the organism, as the reaction of interference into the organism from the outside. At the same time, the functions of leukocytes and macrophages are suppressed. Leukocyte migration in the area of inflammation is limited.

  • As a result, the ability of macrophages to phagocytosis is impaired.
  • As a result, the full function of the immune system is impaired.

Finally, referring to REUTERS, I would like to highlight: The popular American company Johnson & Johnson, which produces medical and hygiene products, has been hiding the use of carcinogen in baby powder for almost 50 years. There is nothing to add.

The way “OMARIDIN™” contributes to the restoration of the immune system, you can get the information on the website: You can ask a question in Contact us section.


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