Advantages of “OMARIDIN™”

Before you decide to buy “OMARIDIN™”, you need to carefully read its advantages over other proteins, which are expressed in the following parameters:

– milk proteins, having undergone preliminary technological fermentation with the saprophyte fungus of “Endomyces Omaricum”class, are absorbed by the body by 100%; this is a guarantee of maintenance of the optimum level of essential aminoacids maintenance in the blood plasma and the synthesis of the own protein by the human body, which is absolutely necessary for the immune protective function of the human body, which leads to a significant relief of the activity of stomach and pancreas proteolytic enzymes, which work on the principle of inversion communication;

– the feature of the seedlings based on the sapophytic fungus of “Endomyces Omaricum”class is that mushrooms are evolutionarily closer to humans than bacteria are. For their properties there is no synthesis of harmful non-typical aminoacids and non-edible fats, as is the case with bacterial fermentation;

– the technology of manufacturing the protein “OMARIDIN™” medicine does not distort the aminoacid composition of an ideal milk protein, as a result of which the protein and its components – aminoacids which have not been absorbed, cease to be a nutrient medium for putrefactive and other bacterial intestinal microflora;

– as a result of the technological process, the sapophyll fungus of “Endomyces Omaricum” class destroys ingredient of cow’s milk harmful to the human body; – alpha-lactose, the “culprit” of the rejection of dairy products by children and adults as a result of lactose intolerance; the lactic acid and carbon dioxide formed in this case have bactericidal properties that restrain the excessive development of bacteria in the intestine, which entails a decrease in the probability of occurrence of pathogenic forms of bacteria, and therefore, dyspeptic phenomena;

– in the same positive way, antibiotics, which are synthesized by leaven of saprophyte mushrooms, act as well;

“OMARIDIN™” medicine practically contains no milk fat saturated with female sex hormones, therefore, when it is used, there is no risk of impotence for men and newborns in the sexual environment of women as it occurs when consuming high fat dairy products;

– the medicine synthesizes a number of substances that have antitumor activity, important both for prevention and treatment of cancer;

– the medicine helps to normalize the weight and structure of the body.

The peculiarity of many components of “OMARIDIN™” medicine, is that nature does not repeat them in any other natural product.

“OMARIDIN™” medicine is is a concentrated protein, which contains all the aminoacids necessary for the body, obtained due to the features of milk fermentation by saprophytic mushroom class “Endomyces Omaricum”.

Components such as lactose, depending on the order of the product by the consumer, are practically reduced to zero. At the request of the customer, the manufacturer adds natural sugar substitute to the product, to change its taste.

Since “OMARIDIN™” is a medicine without any chemical components, containing about 30 only natural vitamins and aminoacids, so the peculiarity of the complex functioning of “OMARIDIN™” medicine is that the nature does not repeat them in any other product.

Each person, associating with success, first of all positions themselves not only with the materially successful situation of affairs, but also with their physical condition.

When you buy “OMARIDIN™” medicine, you can be sure: you have bought a happy ticket for both your health and the health of your descendants.


€100.00 / 1 pack.

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