Питание детей

Ability to use the product "OMARIDIN™" for children's nutrition

The main advantage is the absence of dangerous ingredients that mobilize the immune system to fight against allergenic atypical proteins, so the presence of any signs of food, drug, domestic or endogenous (deep) allergy is an indication for use as a food protein, namely, “OMARIDIN™”

The drug is made on the basis of a sour-milk product without the use of bacterial ferments, it does not have allergic properties, it is perfectly balanced by the amino acid composition, it does not contain proteins that contain non-food atypical right-turning amino acids.

The drug is also indicated for healthy children, as it promotes a physical and mental development of the child. It reduces the genetic toxicity of the food ration, prevents the manifestation of frequent genetic proliferation, and, therefore, the propensity to develop certain diseases, both passed on to the child inherited, and acquired and laid into the gene apparatus.

The drug can be introduced into the diet from the beginning of 6 months of the child’s life.

From 6 to 12 months in the amount of 3.5 g / kg body weight, from 1 year to 3 years – 3 g / kg body weight from 3 to 7 years 2.5 g / kg body weight from 7 to 11 years – 2, 0 g / kg body weight, from 11 to 14 years – 1.75 g / kg body weight, from 14 to 18 years – 1.5 g / kg body weight.

Therapeutic doses of the drug can be increased by 1.3 1.5 times compared with prophylactic.

Soft antibiotic properties of the drug prevent the development of diarrhea, flatulence, constipation and other disorders of digestive disorders in children.

Effective digestibility of the protein by the body of the child with growth and development provides him with a solid foundation for health for all the rest of his life.

Increasing the activity of proteolytic enzymes promotes good appetite and assimilation of all the concomitant ingredients of the diet.

The best time to enter the drug into foods and other foods are between the 13th and 17th day of the day.

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