«OMARIDIN™» properties

Protein is antibiotic, pure, high grade, based on saprophyte of the fungus class “Omaricum”, obtained by fermentation of dairy products.

The technology of producing the drug eliminates it from excessive amounts of alpha-lactose, which is unnatural for humans.

The drug “OMARIDIN™”:

  • counteract the accumulation of proteins that contain atypical, anti-human, non-edible amino acids;
  • is the only choice in dietary food suitable for use in the disease of allergy to endogenous and food – exogenous – proteins;
  • delay the development of excessive amounts of bacteria (including pathogenic or conditionally pathogenic) in the intestine, since it has mild antibiotic (antibacterial) properties;
  • Absolutely optimal for the amino acid composition, which makes it quickly and completely digested without residues caused by the low-speed individual amino acids, that is, it resists pathological fermentation and rot in the large intestine of the consumer;
  • it is hypoallergenic, it does not contain atypical proteins.

When adding the dasg to food, all disorders of the digestive function of the human body are eliminated within 3-4 days.

The action of the preparation forms a high concentration of natural, irreplaceable and replaceable amino acids in the blood of the consumer, dramatically increases the protective and detoxifying functions of the body, the activity of phagocytosis and the ability of phagocytes to digest the remains of atypical (including malignant neoplasms) and “old” cells.

The drug destroying the fat cells promotes muscle tissue buildup, thus providing aural aesthetic forms.

When using the drug, there are no contra-indications and no age limitations.

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