Properties of OMARIDIN™

OMARIDINis a pure high-quality hypoallergenic protein produced on the basis of the saprophytic fungi of Endomyces Omaricum class. The drug is obtained by fermentation of dairy products due to the unique technology devoid of excessive amounts of alpha-lactose.

OMARIDINis the optimum choice for dietary food suitable for use in case of allergic diseases caused by endogenous and food-exogenous proteins, which counteract the development of excessive amounts of bacteria in the intestine since it has mild antibiotic (antibacterial) properties.

OMARIDINis a natural high concentrated product of natural irreplaceable and replaceable amino acids. When the drug gets in the blood of a consumer, the protective and detoxifying functions of the body increase sharply, including increase of phagocytosis.

The drug is the optimal level guarantee for the essential amino acids presence in the blood plasma and synthesis of the proper protein by the human body that leads to significant relief in the activity of proteolytic enzymes in the stomach and pancreas, which operate on the basis of feedback regulation;

  • During the milk fermentation, the saprophytic fungi of Endomyces Omaricum class destroy harmful for the human organism cow’s milk ingredient – alpha lactose, which is considered to be the “cause” for non-acceptance of dairy products by children and adults due to lactose intolerance. The lactic acid and carbon dioxide produced in this case have bactericidal properties, which inhibit the excessive development of bacteria in the intestine, which results in a decrease in the probability of pathogenic forms of bacteria, and hence, dyspeptic phenomena;

Детоксикация организма

  • there is virtually no milk fat saturated with female sex hormones contained in the drug, therefore, when it is used, there is no risk of impotence for men or neoplasia in the female genital sphere;
  • synthesizes a number of substances that have antitumor activity, which is important both for prophylaxis and for the treatment of oncological diseases;
  • contributes to the normalization of the mass and body structure.

Some of the other important factors of OMARIDIN™ are considered to be:

  • suspension of the organism aging. As it controls the process of autophagy and opposes the change of D-amino acid and L-methionine into a dangerous substance – homocysteine, which initiates apoptosis;
  • protects the human body by destroying pathogenic, bacterial and foreign mold (fungal microflora);
  • normalizes the production of cholesterol and special blood proteins that are involved in the lipid metabolism and increase the sensitivity of cells to insulin. It helps to reduce the amount of sugar in the blood and to improve its composition as a whole.
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