References for the review on the opinions of prominent scientists in concern of the effect of fungi on human organism.

Akira Nambu, Professor of Kobe Pharmaceutical University, Japan: “… Beta-glucan contained in the extracts of medicinal fungi increase the activity of cells of the immune system so that they can destroy tumor cells, as well as activate T-lymphocytes, the cells of the immune system that recognize and kill cancer cells not destroyed by the Macrophages and NK-killers. As a result, the body receives a previously lost opportunity to fight cancer. The effectiveness of chemotherapy increases in the range from 2.1 to 6.8 times”

Harry G. Prace, Professor of the Department of Medicine and Pathology, Professor of Georgetown Medical University, USA, DC: “… Medicinal fungi is a source of new natural drugs. Application of extracts of these fungi gives a new hope to cancer patients”.

Jesse Stoff, MD, New York Medical College: “… Cancer is causing serious damage to the body. But cancer is not a separate disease, it is a systemic disease caused by a decrease in the functions of the immune system. For many years of practice, I have observed quite a number of patients with affected various organs, who in the process of receiving medicinal fungi quickly increased their immune parameters and significantly improved their condition!”


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