About 100 trillion of bacteria, both good and bad, live inside of your digestive system. Collectively they are known as gut bugs.

            Professor Rob Knight from University of California, San Diego featured on BBC: “You are more microbe than a human” on that head.

            Microbiome quality has also been connected with such ailments as: inflammatory bowel disease, Parkinson’s disease, neoplasms, melancholia and autism.

            In recent years, mindful of the molecular biology development, the science has taken a closer look over the effect of this huge body system on health condition, from heart disease to arthritis and cancer.            A piece of good news lies in the fact that acquired bowel dysbacteriosis can be treated when consuming a biological immunomodulator OMARIDINTM and a healthy bacterial population can be restored as well.            Also, the state of anxiety and stress directly affects your immune system state through the digestive tract and not only. For example; such emotion as fear acts to raise the blood acidity. There is nothing to add. Therefore, I am typically declaring:           

– Psycho affects somo.

            Ana Maldonado-Contrerras, PhD, Assistant Professor of Microbiology and Physiological Systems Department at UMASS describes in detail how a healthy microbiome creates a #strong_immune_system that can help get over an illness, including #COVID-19.            In the studying of immunity positive response to pathology and infection occurrence in the body, the biological #immunomodulator OMARIDINTM plays an important role, as a drug that will renew the high-quality functionality of your immune system.


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