Technology of manufacture

Dairy products, which are fermented by the saprophytic fungi of Endomyces Omaricum class at the stage of the technological process, which is inherent in acquiring its properties (in concern of the saprophytic fungi). The saturated suspension is brought to the appropriate concentration using special drying chambers, which is an integral part of the technological process.

The drying technology is formed on the basis of length of the solar infrared wave. Sunlight is a key factor in photosynthesis, a process used by plants and other autotrophic organisms to transform light energy, which is usually the energy of the Sun, into chemical energy that can be used to feed organisms. The temperature of the drying mode does not exceed + 38 ° С. Thus, the primary protein structure is preserved, which is the superiority of our product over other proteins.

Unlike other producers of milk protein and due to the technology used, we avoid high temperatures +45 ºС…. + 60 ºС and above, under which the protein is inherently subjected to the denaturation process, which “causes” a major danger – oxidation (formation of oxysterols ).

Oxysterols cause inflammatory bowel disease, affect blood vessels much more than cholesterol and, as a result of recent medical studies, can lead to cancer.

OMARIDIN, in contrast to bacterial proteins, which essentially produced by the entire industry, does not produce trans fats that permanently remain in the body, vessels, liver, kidneys and hypodermic fat tissue.



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